Richez Associes - Vincent Cottet

Vincent Cottet


A qualified landscape architect who studied at the Versailles school of landscape design and the Du Breuil horticultural school in Paris, Vincent Cottet began his professional career, in November 2002, working with Thomas Richez on studies for new tramways in Le Mans, in Brest and then in Tours.
The experience of working on these important urban design projects provided the basis of ongoing reflection on sites of varying scale. Vincent Cottet is interested in bringing out the inherent value of a site, believing landscape design to be critical in the response to a brief. Partner with Richez_Associés since 2011, he manages urban design studies and streetscape projects. His particular area of interest is the transformation of landscape by the marriage of circulation and the existing fabric of a site. Of special note are the projects of the light-rail transit in Massy-Evry, the redevelopment of the town centre of Choisy-le-Roi, the security-sensitive public spaces of the Grande-Borne neighbourhood of Grigny (all these around the outskirts of Paris), the development of the Soquence neighbourhood around the new stadium on the edge of Le Havre, and, in the same region of western France, the conversion of an industrial zone in Épouville.