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Eighty-eight housing units and two-level car park, the Eleven development programme integrates into the former rail freight yards within the new Saint-Roch urban regeneration operation undertaken by Paul Chemetov and Emmanuel Nebout with EcoCité certification.

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Two facades designed in harmony with the urban fabric
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The facades respond to the urban fabric:

North: opposite the Montpellier city centre, an urban and rectilinear character.

South: opposite Parc Henri Dumont, facade is composed of continuous, undulating balconies

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Une façade dansante

The strong character building is enhanced by a precise selection of construction materials:

- White concrete provides clarity and precision: at basement level (smooth and bush-hammered) and north facade overlooking the street. The choice of white concrete gives unity to components, brightness on the north elevation.

- Bush hammered concrete with champagne metal finish recalls the warmth of Montpellier stone, to form a backdrop.

- Steel at the level of the continuous balconies, punctuated with perforated white railings on the south elevation overlooking the park. A double skin also reflects light in elevation.

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Nature invites itself into the voids on site.

The landscape stretches infinitely, beyond city limits and creates ecological continuities between open public and enclosed private space.

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The garden located in the site centre has the form of an undulating hillside with a succession of mounds from which groves emerge. Plant density reinforces the feeling of interiority and intimacy within the site.


2017 appointment - October 2021 completion


ZAC Nouveau Saint-Roch / Montpellier (34)



Strategic planner



88 private sector housing units


5.400 m²


7,72 M€

Architect and landscape architect


Consulting engineers

Cabinet Delorme + Durand

Construction architect



Cécile Septet